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How to Market to Men & Women in the CBD and THC Space

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Carina Chaz, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who launched a successful beauty business, focuses on healthy living. Her health routine includes using Cannabis. Chaz is one of many women who prefer cannabis products that include THC. However, most Cannabis brands operating in the THC space market their products to men, while CBD brands target women.

A quick review of CBD vs. THC

CBD (Cannabidiol) is found in the plant, cannabis. It’s linked to relieve anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. CBD does not cause a “high,” which is why some people prefer it.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also found in cannabis. It’s the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes people to feel “high”. Most CBD products have removed the THC, while cannabis in its whole form includes both CBD and THC.

Are Women interested in THC products?

Women are using CBD products for their calming and nonpsychedelic properties. Just ask celebrity Kristen Bell, who uses CBD to manager her mental health, and Melissa McCarthy who applies CBD oil to help manage pain.  Yet, research shows that women are also using THC cannabis products.

One report, by BDS Analytics, found that few consumers use cannabis for a single purpose. Among people using cannabis for pain management, 73 percent of them also enjoy marijuana for recreational and social reasons.

Another report by Headset found that men buy only 5% more cannabis than women. Even with numbers showing women’s support, Cannabis brands in the THC space often overlook them and market to a male audience. Part of this is due to the stigma around women using cannabis, but groups and online publications, like Nice Paper, are working to dispel myths and misinformation shaming cannabis.

Women using Cannabis in the THC space

Celebrity Stella Santana, daughter of Santana, recently shared her cannabis preferences in an interview with Nice Paper. Santana said her favorite way to use cannabis is with the besito pen. Nice Paper features interviews with other women, like entrepreneur Chaz, to de-stigmatize women using cannabis.

Why is THC marketed to men and not women?

One contributing factor to the misrepresentation in marketing could be the lack of representation in the male-dominant leadership of the Cannabis industry.  Despite the success of CBD-products with women and, only 27 percent of cannabis companies have women in executive positions.

Another contributing factor is the current federal regulations. Cannabis companies are continually breaking new ground in retail as legalization moves forward. It’s a lot easier to break into a new market with CBD products when marijuana is still stigmatized.

As the CBD market grows, it will pave the way for THC brands to target all genders.

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